How To Make Video Call on Whatsapp Easily In Andriod Smartphone

Video Call on Whatsapp Easily

Whatsapp is known as an instant messaging application that is simple and easy. But the feature of WhatsApp not be underestimated. At the latest updates WhatsApp application there are various features provided such as making status with pictures and videos. Besides WhatsApp, this time can be used for video calls or video calls. Such a feature is highly anticipated by users WhatsApp for various other Chat application is equipped with a video call as Line and Messenger.

How To Make Video Call on Whatsapp?

  1. Make video calls in WhatsApp application is very easy. But the video call button is not visible if you do not take a few steps. The first of open applications on your phone Whatsapp Android or iOS
  2. Then click the message to the latest WhatsApp application or contact button to WhatsApp old version.
  3. Then look WhatsApp contacts you want to invite you to make video calls.
  4. Then press the call button above.
  5. Next will come two choices of selection of voice calls and video calls. To make video calls would have to click the video call. After that wait to connect with your friends. If connected then enjoy video call using WhatsApp with your friends.

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