The 12 Best Photography Websites For Photographers and Photo Lovers

Photography Websites For Photographers


Want to develop your skills behind the lens? Then check out these top photography websites.

The web is full of endless resources and tutorials on the subject of photography, but sometimes too much choice can be confusing. Here, we’ve picked the 12 top photography websites that will really help you take your photography skills to the next level.

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1.TechRadar: Digital Camera World

Photography Websites

Digital Camera World provides the definitive guide to digital SLR photography and is full of articles that will show you how to improve your digital photos.

The site is clearly organized, which sections include tutorials, reviews, news and beginners for easy navigation. Updated daily, the site is full of inspirational imagery.

2.British Journal of Photography

British Journal of Photography has been around since 1954, and this continues to this day.

This site is an accompaniment to the magazine, presenting fresh photography and perspectives that can provoke you every day, and awards for students and professionals is a great way to discover talent.

3.Camera Jabber

Photography Websites

Built by a photographer for a photographer, Camera Jabber offers an exciting mix of news, reviews and buyer guides, from everything from camera phones to DSLRs to latest action and 360 cameras.

You’ll also find plenty of tutorial material that will take you through the basics, Basic photography and to more specific guides on things like editing your images and building a portfolio.

It’s updated daily, and it’s always worth a visit to see the new ones from the website.

4.DIY Photography

Started in 2009 as a very useful photography venue, DIY Photography is a great place to get expert advice and read about the latest kits.

Written by a photographer for a photographer, it has very many tutorials with hundreds of useful articles to read online, plus a whole load of DIY articles that will help you build your own equipment rather than using expensive equipment.

5. iPhone Photography School

Just because you do not have a heavyweight camera, that does not mean you can not take beautiful pictures. iPhone Photography School has one simple goal: to help you take better photos with iPhone than most people with DSLR.

This is done with many in-depth tutorials that include photography and photo editing techniques, as well as regular inspirational and competition articles so you can group your new skills towards others.

6. Digital Photography Review


Photography Websites

Tested as the number one destination for everything related to digital photography, Digital Photography Review is full of virtual series with all the latest sector news and product reviews. Complete with video tutorials, guides, and purchase forums, there are many things on this photography website to keep you hooked and clicked again.

7.The Spruce: Photography

Written by a number of photography experts, The Spruce: Photography is central to suggestions and further reading warehouses. Once you’re on the Photography Websites¬†channel, you’ll click on one useful video to another before turning slightly off the enlightening article bunny hole. There are many things to enjoy – make sure you do not get lost.

8Popular Photography

Full of beautiful tutorials, news, reviews and photos, Popular Photography is a brilliant photography site on the internet. With a plethora of interesting and helpful articles and suggestions, inspirational images, you will get lost on this site for hours if you actually photograph the mania.

9.Digital Photography School

Photography Websites

Digital photography enthusiast Darren Rowse is the man behind Digital Photography School, a site that aims to help photographers get the most out of their cameras.

With parts that include photo tips, gear, and post-processing, all the essentials are well covered.


Strobist is about one thing: Learn how to use an off-camera flash with your DSLR to bring your photos to the next level. Or the next 10 levels. If you are a very beginner in lighting, do not worry.

The free 101 Lighting Course starts from scratch and can get you up and be running quickly following the temperatures in the world of photography.


Photography Websites

PetaPixel is a photography website that offers tutorials, news and equipment. The tutorials are imaginative and practical, offering videos and screenshots to guide you through each step.

Equipment includes new cameras, lenses and other photography kit announcements, but excludes reviews (you should look elsewhere for that). News covers all sorts of exciting developments in the photography world – both funny and informative.

12.Photography Week

Photography Websites

While not technically a website, Photography Week is a digital magazine, so we’re including it here. Packed with beautiful photography, it offers heaps of fresh inspiration every week.

Full disclosure: It’s another of our sister titles, also made by Future Publishing. Get it on iPad and iPhone, Android devices or through Zinio for multiple devices, including computers.

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