5 Easy Tips For Increasing Traffic To Your Website

Some of the best strategies you can use to direct users to your site and increase the visibility of your pages can be found in Google Search Console.

There are many ways to increase traffic by involving your blog traffic throughout the day. There are various basic principles that must be done to increase blog traffic and improve search engine rankings.

We’ve highlighted five steps to take advantage of the tools below to improve the visibility of the content you painstakingly create.

Increasing Traffic

Here’s how to increase traffic to new blogs

Increasing Traffic

1.Find popular content and beat it!

Long tail keyword research is one of the effective techniques used by most SEO experts and internet marketers to instantly increase their website search traffic.

Recently, when Neil Patel launched NeilPatel.com and challenged to drive 100,000 monthly search visitors to his new blog, I was stunned how he could do that for just one year. He mainly used long tail keywords in his content creation strategy.

If you want to repeat the same thing, here are some important tips to follow to find potential long tail keywords that not only increase your search traffic but also your sales.

Increasing Traffic

*Start using Google planner keywords if you’re a beginner. It’s not only free but free and a great place to start with if you want to find long tail keywords.

*You can also start using the “Long Tail Pro” keyword tool to find keyword ideas for every niche you are on. This is a great tool for beginners to increase their search traffic as it gives a list of keyword ideas found.

*Make sure you target long tail keywords with less than 1000 monthly searches. If it is not difficult to rank them even if you have too many links.

*Find all 10 posts on your blog and start using more long tail keywords in themselves to increase your site traffic.

Here’s A Simple Guide to Find Great Long Tail Keywords to Increase Traffic

Increasing Traffic

Skyscraper techniques to create proven virus content to gain more links and social stock. When Brian Dean invented the term Skyscraper technique, the people who used it effectively gained rapid growth in their traffic levels. In fact, I use the same technique to increase my search traffic here at BloggersPassion.

Basically, it consists of three things. One is finding viral content in your niche, the second is to create better content around it and the third step is to promote it to the right people to attract more links.

If you are a beginner and have never heard of this technique, I strongly advise you to check this post in which I clearly mentioned how a novice can use Skyscraper techniques to grow traffic and attract links.

2.Submit all your pages to the Google index – for free.

Increasing Traffic

By using Google Search Console to submit URLs, you help Google’s web crawler to more fully and efficiently crawl your site. Search Console allows you to submit all pages to the Google index, and it’s very useful to make sure we know about all dynamically generated URLs or pages that are not linked enough on your site. But note: submitting a page to the index does not guarantee inclusion or affect your PageRank and is not a substitute for creating compelling and useful content.

3.Find out which queries are driving traffic to your website.

Increasing Traffic

Using Google Search Console, learn which Google queries are generating click-throughs to your site and your position in search results for those queries. You can also view data for each property and country. For example, you can see queries from users searching Google Images in the United States showing your site in search results. You will only see the properties and countries whose data your site has.

4.Mastering the art of email outreach

Increasing Traffic

Getting influencers to promote your content is the easiest way to increase your search traffic.

Google crawlers always give the highest priority to sites promoted by top brands and authority blogs. But getting influencers to promote your blog content is not easy. This is very difficult if you are a beginner with ZERO reputation online.

Here are some effective ideas on how to develop email outreach strategies that work like a charm.

*Whenever possible, leave a great first impression on the top bloggers. Recommend their products or services to your audience, find and fix the backlink issues of their website, email them every time you read the big post. That way you leave a positive impression without asking them any help!

*Automate the process when people email. Top bloggers are very busy and they may not reply to every email you send to them. It’s always better to follow them with another email after 3 to 5 days.

*First of all, understand what you are trying to do. Then, seek help from others.

*Always use interesting subject lines when writing emails to busy people. If they are not attractive, they will never be able to open, let alone get a reply!

5.SEO WordPress with Yoast Plugin

Increasing Traffic

This is a free SEO plugin which is a gift for all WordPress users. Even if you are a beginner, you will find it very easy to optimize your blog posts and pages for search engines.

It helps you where to add keywords (in the title, meta description, image alt tags, URLs etc) so you can optimize your keywords without hurting your readers.


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